Malaga with Art

Malaga, ” Smart City “.

Here was born the genius of the 20th century, the artist who revolutionised avant-garde art, the famous painter Pablo Ruiz Picasso. Surely he would have used the huge canvases that are the facades of modern buildings, if Urban Art had existed in his time! Malaga has an important selection of graffiti by local and international artists that will delight all those interested in this type of ART. Discover them during some of our tours!

Did you know that Malaga was considered in a European survey as one of the cities with the highest quality of life on the continent by its own inhabitants?
Find out why we say so too!

Malaga is part of the Network of Smart Tourist Destinations. Did you know that Malaga is one of the Smart Cities of Europe?

We are the living example thanks to the use of new technologies that allow us to carry out a visit based on the latest generation of apps, avoiding CO2 footprints as much as possible, together with our many years of experience in the tourism sector.

Join our tour and we are sure that at the end of your visit you will be the next ambassador of our wonderful city.

Founded by the Phoenicians, Malaga has seen over the centuries the most diverse cultures that have imbued it with the hospitality and cosmopolitan atmosphere that characterises it. Do you know which famous Danish poet proclaimed in one of his books that in no other city had he felt so happy as in Malaga? Discover Hans Christian Andersen’s sculpture during one of our guided tours!

Marqués de Larios Statue

Do you know who this sculpture located at the entrance of our famous Calle Larios represents? This is where our tour begins.

Woman with child

But what does the woman with the child symbolise?
Come on our guided tour of Malaga Esencial and you will find out!

The Rabbit and the Turtle (Chema Lumbreras )

Our streets in the historic centre are full of ART... Let yourself be surprised by our explanations during the tour. The guided tours will be conducted in English, but you will hear recorded commentary in your language at each point of interest.

Roman Theatre (1st century)

Did you know that Roman patricians had their own seats and that women were assigned specific areas? Discover these and many more details during the guided tour.

Alcazaba (11th century)

One of the key points of the route is Calle Alcazabilla with its Roman Theatre and the Alcazaba, of Muslim origin. Built in very different periods, they allow us to review the history of the city and take a trip back in time.

Malaga Cathedral (16th - 18th centuries)

Surely you know the nickname "La Manquita" for our Cathedral of the Incarnation. We will tell you all the details of its history during the guided tour. Located in the Plaza del Obispo, it is one of the busiest places in the city. Remember that interior visits are not included in our tours! The south tower of our Cathedral was never finished. We will see it up close during our guided tour Malaga Romantica, along with other less crowded areas in the afternoon

Plaza de la Constitución

Our busy Plaza de la Constitución is the nerve centre of the city - just as it was in the past. There are many details in this square that are not obvious at first glance and that you will discover with us. Do you know how this kind of squares were called in Andalusian times? We'll tell you...

Biznaguero (Jaime Pimentel - 1964)

The Biznaguero is another character you will meet during the guided tour Malaga Romántica. During the Fiestas in summer you can find them still "live" in our streets and you will know what the famous and unique Biznaga de Malaga is made of.

Malaga City Council

During our Malaga Romántica visit, which takes place in the afternoon, you will visit the building that houses the Mayor's offices in the Town Hall. Do you want to know what some of the sculptures on the façade represent? Did you know that Malaga obtained its title of "Noble and Hospitable City" due to some heroic deeds of its citizens? We will tell you about it...

Plaza de la Merced

You will find the Plaza de la Merced and the Casa Natal de Picasso during the self-guided tour "Diversity of Museums" in pink. This route concentrates on some of the museums that may be of interest to you and which we know everyone will visit at their own pace.

Panoramic view of Malaga

These views await you during the green route, the self-guided nature walk, which you can do at your own pace on foot through the Gibralfaro mountain.

At certain points of the route you will listen to the explanations of what you are seeing, walking through one of the most beautiful areas of our natural Malaga.

Pablo Picasso (Francisco López Hernández -2008)

Remember that self-guided tours are accessible with any pass for 7 days, so you have plenty of time. Museum opening times may vary; please check the museum links. Please note that entrance fees to monuments or museums are not included in our tours.

Ibn Gabirol (Málaga 1021 – Valencia 1058)

Do you know who called Malaga "City of Paradise" a thousand years ago? Yes, you read that right! A thousand years ago a distinguished Jew from Malaga called Ibn Ben Gabirol, Avicebron to his Arab contemporaries, called the Andalusian city of Al-Malaqqat. Find out why we still consider it a paradise!

Atarazanas Market

You certainly love markets!!! The market of Las Atarazanas, the old Nasrid shipyards, is one of the most beautiful in Europe! During the walking tour with our guide, you will pass very close to the market and you will surely enjoy the stands and the surrounding tapas bars at your leisure. Then you can rejoin the tour to continue with the essential visit or in the afternoon the Romantic Malaga tour. Very close to the market starts the brown self-guided route through Soho Urban ART that you may enjoy at your own pace!

Calle Larios (19th century)

Our Calle Larios Street is dressed according to the season of the year: in summer, with the awnings that will give you shade, and in winter with an always spectacular Christmas decoration, without forgetting the Easter processions and the fashion week when it becomes a catwalk for the most spectacular models. Once you have taken the guided tour, you will have time to enjoy its commercial offer.

SOHO - Street Art in Malaga

If you like urban art, you can enjoy a guided tour of the old Jewish quarter in the historic centre and take the brown self-guided tour "Soho Urban Art" at your own pace.

Malaga Park (19th century)

Did you know that it was built on land reclaimed from the sea? During our guided tour of Malaga Romantica we will pass through this park and you will get to know some of its most emblematic trees, squares and fountains. Especially during the summer months you will be delighted to find the pleasant shade and tranquillity during the walks at your leisure. Remember that all the routes can be listened to as many times as you want during 7 days from their activation.

Fountain of the Three Graces

Take your time to take a photo at this place! You will see the fountain of the Three Graces from the 19th century and know where it comes from.This pic is a postcard and for sure you will upload it to our Instagram @gojoymalaga! We'll show it to you on the Malaga Romántica guided tour!

Buren Cube of the Centre Pompidou

The famous Buren Cube, located on top of the Pompidou Museum Malaga, is one of the symbols of the city. Next to Muelle Uno in the port, you will see it during the Malaga Romántica guided tour.

Former Convent of Santa Ana

The church of the former convent of Santa Ana houses the tomb of one of the masters of Andalusian baroque. Do you know the name of the famous Granaíno sculptor, responsible for some of the masterpieces of our Cathedral?

Eugenio Chicano House

Do you want to know where this beauty is located? You will find out soon, when you accompany our guide on the guided tour Malaga Esencial. You will also find out who was born in this building in 1935.

Echegaray Theatre

Follow us on the Essential Malaga guided tour. Our Essential Malaga tour takes you through less travelled streets where some of the most beautiful and emblematic buildings are hidden. Come and discover these treasures with us!

Felix Sáenz Square

Although Malaga is mostly characterised by Neomudejar style buildings, we also have examples of modernism in our city. You will discover this impressive building in one of the most charming squares. We tell you all the details....

What about some tapas?

Maybe the atmosphere of the city invites you to stay for tapas somewhere along the way? No problem! You can rejoin the next tour in an hour and a half, and continue your visit at the nearest point. You can join the guided tour at 4 different locations, which are marked on the app. No other guided tour offer gives you so much freedom in planning your day!

Malaga Picasso Museum

One of the most popular places is the Palacio de Buenavista which houses the Picasso Museum Malaga. We will pass through Calle San Agustin and you will learn about the life of the young Pablo Ruiz Picasso in his hometown Malaga. Remember that the visit to the Museum is not included in our Malaga Essential Malaga tour.

Malaga with Art

There is a lot of ART in the streets of the historic centre and you don't always know what the artist wants to express. That's what we're here for! You'll love to know the symbolism of this sculpture in the Plaza del Siglo!

And our Cenachero by Jaime Pimentel (1964)

If there is an emblematic character in Malaga, it is undoubtedly the Cenachero. In the old days, they were the fish sellers who used to go around the neighbourhoods of the city with their esparto grass baskets full of fresh fish, before there were food markets. This sculpture represents and honours one of the old trades that no longer exists. Discover during the guided tour other anecdotes of the "cenacheros" of Malaga...