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Malaga Walking Tour

Discover the countless sights with our unique and flexible guided walking tours around the city of Malaga, joining us to suit your schedule, or leaving at your leisure to take advantage of our 5 Self-Guided Tours.

What makes us so different from other Guided Walking Tours?

We have introduced cutting-edge technology based on Geolocation and Communication to our guided walking tours.

It’s very simple: your mobile becomes a receiver and the expert guide’s mobile becomes a transmitter!

Vox City Walks is designed for all those travellers who want to explore the city with maximum freedom without missing a single detail during their stay in Malaga and/or who prefer small groups.

Our Feel Free Tours are designed to visit Malaga at your leisure. You can leave the guided walking tours and come back whenever you want, at the point along the route that suits you best. Our explanations are independent of each other, so you never lose the common thread.

Unlike regular tours with a set starting time, on our Feel Free Tour you can start whenever you want and finish whenever you feel like it, without having to wait until the end of the tour.

We are a team of Tourist Guide professionals and accredited by the Junta de Andalucía with more than 20 years of experience guiding groups and individual travellers from the 5 continents and in several languages.

We are real specialists in guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience for our travellers.

Feel free to take our Guided Walking Tours in Malaga.

Our HOP ON / HOP OFF style guided tours are based on advanced Bluetooth and Geolocation technology.
You will be able to listen to the exceptional commentary of the  accredited and experienced expert local guide  throughout the day.
This 120-minute closed and guided itinerary allows you to do it at your own pace and in any language.

In addition to the guided tours during the day, you can enjoy a unique guided experience in the afternoon-evening (60 min) in the Muelle Uno area.

We will show you the other side of the port of Malaga and you will be able to see the sunset (subject to schedule)

You also benefit from our 5 Self-Guided Routes that are based on Geolocation, and through the downloadable APP on your mobile phone you will be able to listen to the audio files of more than 100 points of interest.

The 5 Self-Guided Routes have been carefully composed by our team of Official Guides of GoJoy Malaga SL to offer you the best experience.

Available in 5 languages ( 🇪🇸 English🇬🇧 Español,  🇩🇪 Deutsch🇫🇷 Français🇮🇹 Italian ).

Malaga Walking Tours | 7 Exclusive Tours

Guided tours:

  • Marqués de Larios Statue
  • Larios Street
  • Chema Lumbreras Statues
  • Bishop’s Square/Cathedral
  • Church of the Sagrario
  • Salvatierra Palace/Patio of the Chains
  • Statue of Pedro de Mena/ Saint Anne’s Abbey
  • Plaza de la Aduana/Museum/Cofradias
  • Crystal Pyramid/Roman Basins
  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba
  • Church of Santiago/Baptismal font Picasso
  • Jewish Quarter/Urban Art
  • Picasso Museum/Picasso Museum/Picasso Collection
  • Echegaray Theatre
  • Century Square
  • Chicano House
  • Chinitas Square
  • Constitution Square
  • New Street
  • Felix Saenz Square
  • Marqués de Larios Statue
  • Sculpture H.C. Andersen
  • Terraces/ South Tower (Cathedral)
  • Puerta del Sol (South façade of the Cathedral)
  • Don Juan de Malaga Street
  • Fine Arts and Archaeological Museum
  • Gardener’s House/Paseo del Parque
  • Rectorate (former post office)
  • Bank of Spain
  • City Council
  • Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso
  • Fountain of Tres Gracias
  • Pompidou Centre Malaga
  • Pier One/ Mega Yacht Dock
  • La Farola/Port Activities
  • Park of Malaga/Strelitzia Nicolai
  • Alexandra Palm/Party
  • Araucaria
  • Draco/Estatua Platero
  • Plaza de La Marina/Cenachero

Self-guided Tours:

  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba
  • Customs Square
  • Fine Arts and Archaeological Museum
  • Gardener’s House
  • Rectorate (former post office)
  • Bank of Spain
  • City Council
  • Gardens of Pedro Luis Alonso
  • Fountain Three Graces
  • Municipal Museum
  • Noble Hospital
  • Bullring – La Malagueta
  • English Cemetery
  • Port Chapel
  • Pompidou Centre Museum
  • Pier One/Mega Yacht Basin
  • Alborania Museum
  • Plaza de La Marina/Cenachero
  • Marqués de Larios Statue
  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba
  • Views of the Port (from above)
  • La Coracha
  • Views of the Farola (Lighthouse)
  • Gibralfaro Castle
  • View of Plaza de Toros /La Malagueta (from above)
  • Vegetation and Pines of Mount Gibralfaro
  • Parish of La Victoria
  • La Concepción Botanical Garden
  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba
  • Marquis of Larios Statue
  • Alameda Principal
  • Faith 47 – Infinity of the Universe
  • DAL East – The Birds
  • Dadi Dreucol
  • ROA – Chameleon
  • Free speech wall
  • CAC Museum (Contemporary Art Centre)
  • D*Face and Obey murals
  • IMON Boy
  • Suso 33
  • Andi Rivas 
  • Hotel Bahia Mural Okuda & Remed
  • Hotel Bahia Mural Aryz
  • Obey Femme Fatale
  • SOHO Theatre
  • ROA – Escape
  • TvBoy
  • Felix Saenz Square

Watch our Official Video!

  • Plaza de la Constitución 
  • Consulate House/Church Cristo de la Salud
  • Carmen Thyssen Museum
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus Church
  • Museum of Popular Arts
  • Santo Domingo Bridge (Puente de los Alemanes)
  • Ifergan Museum
  • Neomudéjar Building
  • Atarazanas Market
  • Casa de Guardia Tavern
  • Félix Sáenz Square
  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba
  • Plaza de la Merced/General Torrijos
  • Statue of Picasso /Picasso’s Birthplace
  • Cervantes Theatre
  • Cropani Palace
  • Philip Neri Church
  • Museum of Glass
  • Jorge Rando Museum
  • Salamanca Market
  • Wine Museum
  • Arte Cofrade Museum
  • Church of the Holy Martyrs
  • Interactive Music Museum
  • Roman Theatre/Alcazaba

Essential Malaga (Red):

Marqués de Larios (10:30 in English ; 12:30 in Spanish)

Alcazaba (11:30 in English; 13:30 in Spanish)

Plaza de la Constitución (12:00 in English; 14:00 in Spanish)

Puerta del Mar (12:15 in English ; 14:15 in Spanish)

Romantic Night (Purple):

Marqués de Larios Statue (not operating)

Doesn't that sound great?

Feel like being on your own pace?

We know that on holidays or during a weekend, you want to be on your own pace, get up whenever you want and join a visit at any time of the day. As we are also inveterate travellers, we know what we all like: freedom of movement!

Our aim is to show you our wonderful city in a safe way, keeping the social distance, with a noise-free acoustic level, and in a sustainable way - is there anything more sustainable than our own feet? 👣 - showing you along the way the places of the local economy, where you can taste our rich gastronomy and where you will find authentic local handicraft.

With your own mobile device

You will listen to our explanations through your own mobile headset 🎧 , while keeping a safe distance. In addition, this way we avoid the manufacture of any disposable devices or headsets, supporting the sustainability of our planet's resources.

Our tours give you the freedom of time and duration of your tour attendance and the choice to continue the self-guided tours at your own pace. You can leave the guided tour and return as many times as you like during the validity of your pass.

Self-Guided Tours

The Self-Guided tours are valid from the moment of activation, as soon as you arrive in the city, until one week later. Remember that the Self-Guided tours contain audios in your language at certain points of interest during the tour!

You will enjoy your visit like never before, knowing that our guides will be on the guided tour all day for any questions you may have at any time. And if you have any questions with the APP, you can contact our Help Desk.

Lock and Relax
C/ Casas de Campo, 22
29001 Málaga
Móvil: +34 695 55 20 59

where they will be pleased to assist you or call our Help Line Cell Phone: ‭+34 680 968 214‬

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What our guests say about us...

  • Visit the Self-Guided Tour at your own pace without the need of a Local Guide of Malaga.
  • Required to have a mobile device + headphones to listen to the pre-recorded audio
  • You must download the VOX CITY app and register with the credentials you have acquired!
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German
  • Visit the Self-Guided Tour at your own pace without the need of a Local Guide of Malaga.
  • Required to have a mobile device + headphones to listen to the pre-recorded audio
  • You must download the VOX CITY app and register with the credentials you have acquired!
  • Available in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German

¡Presentamos una de las visitas autoguiadas más solicitadas en Málaga!
We present one of the most requested self guided tours in Malaga!

“Arte Urbano en el barrio del Soho de Málaga, sigue el camino y escucha por el camino las fascinantes historias de los artistas. La aplicación te guiará y en cada punto de interés activará el audio pregrabado en tu idioma”.

“Street Art in Malaga Soho district, follow the path and listen on the way the fascinating stories about the artists. The app will lead you and at each point of interest it will trigger the prerecorded audio in your language”.

25% Discount

15€  20€

24-hour pass

Hop on / Hop Off Guided Walking Tours
Hop on / Hop Off Guided Walking Tours

24-hour pass

25% Discount